Sound, honest, professional advice


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As property sales experts, we advise you on the best marketing price and strategy for your property, whether to list it ‘on’ or ‘off’ the open market, and how you optimise price. Once appointed, we personally accompany prospective buyers, update regularly with progress and recommendations, and act on your behalf, until the sale completes. Your property can be listed on the key property portals and shared with our trusted contacts including estate agents, clients and other interested parties - without any additional charge to you.


Like great works of art, often the best properties don’t ever reach the open market. Our black book of contacts and market intel allow us to source the best properties for you; select them, preview them, organise your viewing, and advise you on how best to secure the property of choice. Unlike estate agents, who work for the seller, we will work exclusively for you, the buyer. So, if you like a property and want to make an offer, we will negotiate the best terms for you and oversee the purchase through to completion and beyond.



We advise on everything related to renting and letting out a property, what is required to bring it to market standard, the processes involved and the varying lettings services on offer. While we do not personally rent out properties, we can introduce you to a suitable letting agent, supporting you throughout the process until a tenant moves in. We also source suitable rental properties for you to move into or to purchase as investment.



If your needs fall outside of our area of expertise, we will gladly introduce you to other trusted property experts and partners, including architects, interior designers, project managers, financial advisors, solicitors and other property professionals.