Size isn’t everything when it comes to property

Most people’s brains are wired to think that bigger is better and that this also often applies to our property choices.  In my experience of late, it’s not so much about upsizing, but more about ‘rightsizing‘.

As a specialist in Prime Central London, I often help clients with super-sized and very high value homes, but recently it’s been fair to say that while size is clearly a bonus, often the most sought-after, and therefore best selling properties, are the ones that may not have the most space, but make the best use of what they do have.

So what is rightsizing?

Essentially it’s quality over quantity. It’s putting the number of bedrooms or bathrooms to one side and looking for what the property offers in terms of the way in which we wish to live in that space.

When my wife and I got married we moved from a 1000 sq ft two-bedroom apartment to a 2000 sq ft family house. Until our children were born, we only lived in half the house, quite literally! Given the opportunity to extend up and down and double the size of our current home, we thought long and hard about it and came to the decision that it was better to focus on creating the perfect living space, without obsessing about size.

Rightsizing is about prioritising what you really need from a home; a list of minimum wants and needs. For my wife, she likes a separate utility room, as she doesn’t like the sound of a washing machine in a kitchen. She also likes a bath in the en suite, so that she can unwind before bedtime. For me, it’s a quiet study area that I can retreat to at the end of a long day; and for the children, it’s a TV room where they can hang out with their friends and watch all the stuff we are not so keen on!

My clients are following similar patterns:  It’s all about the use and planning of a space that often overrides square footage. It’s deeply engrained in our psyche to yearn for the perfect home and I’ve noticed that it really isn’t always about size.

Quality overrides everything and sometimes the best things come in smaller packages anyway.

If you want me to help you find the home that perfectly fits your needs, or have a property to sell, please give me a call.


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