A New Year: Looking back to move forward

As Christmas approaches and we near the end of another year, I’ve been thinking about Rose & Partners and its incredible journey so far.  A few things have struck me as key reasons for the happiness and early success I’ve enjoyed in my first year. 



Without sounding too sentimental I’ve been touched by others’ desire to see me succeed, whether that be my former boss, close agency connections – some of whom I share clients with – clients themselves and others deeply connected and active within the property world. People have come out of the woodwork offering me exciting opportunities and introduced me to new clients. I’m fortunate to be part of a tight knit, loyal inner circle, where we all help out one another.

Agency isn’t and shouldn’t be complicated.

I’ve stripped back all the hype and noise that we agents often unknowingly make, feeling that we need to defend ourselves if something isn’t selling as quickly as our clients would like or when we’re faced with a curve ball. I am as focused and determined as ever and I’ve learnt that simple, honest conversations lead to success and that my clients value and want this style of input. I’ve been gifted a few new property instructions on the back of this; where my clients have tired of puppy dog antics, desperately trying to hold on to them, failing to realise that if they only cut out all the noise, they could.

Keeping centred.

When you know who you are, what you’re good at and the value that you add, then it’s quite straightforward keeping your clients happy. There is absolutely no ego required here. Being elegantly understated is something highly appreciated by clients and buyers alike. It’s a far more enjoyable way of doing business too.

Creating something out of nothing.

Sometimes it’s very good to do something a little different; suggest a wild card to your buyers and sellers, just in case they’re open to suggestion. It’s about creating something out of nothing, akin to a chef that pulls together a magnificent meal out of minimal ingredients. When done well, this exceeds all expectation. If you’ve invested time in knowing your client and buyers, then you’ll naturally think outside the box to help them achieve their goals. There have been many times when I’ve pulled deals together out of nowhere and that’s the skill of an experienced and lateral-thinking agent.


Let’s face it, everyone likes a sunny and polite person who exudes positivity (in a natural way). We subconsciously seek out these people. I remind myself daily how lucky I am to be doing what I love. I am grateful that in a small way I’m helping my clients and their buyers with such an important aspect of their lives. Putting a roof over their head, helping them with their pension pots, sometimes I’m involved in big, life-changing decisions. I always make sure that they know that I appreciate their custom. Much of my business is derived from having a positive mental attitude, forming connections with people and making them feel at ease. Positive energy is simply infectious.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year; I’ve met new contacts and clients, been instructed on some stunning properties for sales and lettings and finally learnt the ropes of Lettings and concluded a few. I have thoroughly enjoyed the fact I only had to wear a suit once, as this highlights how agency is changing…It’s what’s underneath that matters most.

On that note, may I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.