Looking for a more personalised approach?

Unlike most estate agents where you have multiple contacts for different stages of the process, we offer an attentive personal service with one contact throughout.

We don’t just rely on emails, property portals and websites to do the job. We connect your property to multiple contacts to deliver the results you seek. And we are not tied to an office which means we are completely mobile to fit around your schedule, (wherever you are in the world).

No agent can solely deliver everything. We gladly share commission with vetted agents so your property is fully exposed to the market from the outset. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the best results for you within your desired timeframe.


We like to keep things simple by matching people with property

Just as a private banker or wealth manager takes care of their client’s financial affairs, we do the same for their residential property needs. With us your property is exposed to our black book of key contacts, including qualified estate agents , buying agents, previous clients, and other treasured connections as well as the usual marketing methods such as online property portals.

We provide you with relevant and appropriate marketing tools for both ‘on’ and ‘off’ market campaigns, like property portals and the Central London agent’s listing database. We also offer property sourcing for purchase, rental investments and introductions to property related services and contacts. And we offer an ongoing, professional relationship, stretching beyond our initial appointment.